Legrand Daker DK 4500 Single Phase 4.5KVA / 4.05kW On-line Double Conversion VFI UPS, Rack/Tower Mountable - No Internal Battery


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Legrand Daker DK 4500 Online UPS - Single Phase Double Conversion VFI 4.5KVA UPS, Rack/Tower Mountable

  • Single-phase UPS, NO Internal Battery
  • 4.5KVA Power Output / 4050W
  • VFI-111 Online double conversion; Sinusoidal Waveform
  • Reversible display
  • Matching battery for Required Backup
  • Smart battery management
  • Optional automatic & manual bypass
  • Easily replacable battery
  • Display of status, system parameters,  battery level & faults
  • Built-in communication software for control & remote diagnostics
  • Communication via SNMP/internet/network adaptor
  • Optional slot for network configuration
  • WEB/SNMP boards & relay interface
  • Maintenance bypass switch (MTBS)
  • Requires External Battery

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Product Information for Legrand Daker DK 4500 UPS - 4.5KVA 4050W Single phase Online Double Conversion VFI UPS, Rack/Tower Mountable: Without Battery

Made by Legrand of France, the Legrand Daker DK Online UPS range stands for superior performance, high reliability, and long service life. The Legrand Daker DK single phase online UPS with double conversion technology comes in 1KVA to 10KVA capacities to meet varying needs of users.

The Legrand Daker DK 4500 UPS, rated at 4500VA (4.5KVA), and active power rating of 4050 W ensures safe, reliable power backup for multiple applications for your office.

The Legrand Daker DK series is excellent for business use and comes designed for both tower and rack mounting applications, depending on the user's need and preferences. The LCD display unit is reversible, rotating to fit a tower- or rack-mount configuration. That LCD display keeps you informed of the operational parameters of the system, including the status of the UPS, battery charge level and system faults.

4.5KVA Daker Online UPS Unit Without Internal Battery

This 4.5kva unit has no internal battery, which is an option. Since this unit has no internal battery, it necessarily requires at least one battery cabinet, LEG310772 (for 4.5KVA Daker, with 20 x 12V/7.2Ah batteries). Depending on the required backup time relative to load, multiple battery cabinets may be deployed. That's the flexibility that comes with Legrand Daker Online UPS.

The On-line Double Conversion technology of the Legrand Daker DK UPS series means far superior protection against problems in the power supply - voltage spikes, distortion, and other anomalies. On-line double conversion typically provides tightly regulated output voltage and can carry loads up to their full power rating. And with a zero switching time, supply continuity is guaranteed.

More features of Legrand Daker UPS series

Check these advanced features of the Legrand Daker UPS:

  • On‑Line double conversion UPS that can be used in both tower and rack configurations.
  • The main parameters of the system and the status of the UPS, including the battery charge level and faults, are displayed on the LCD screen.
  • Additional battery cabinets are available to increase the backup time of the UPS. A charger can be added in all battery cabinets for fast, safe charging.
  • Reversible screen. With the reversible screen, the Daker DK UPS can be used in both tower and rack configuration.
  • The main parameters of the UPS, including the battery charge level and faults, are displayed on the LCD screen on the front panel.
  • The integrated communication software not only controls the UPS and its switch-off if there is a malfunction, and enables the user to test the main functions remotely, communicate via SNMP/Internet/network adaptor and access the functions of the UPS via the Internet, but can also send the user an SMS if specific events occur.
  • The internal extension connector enables a WEB/SNMP card or a relay interface to be installed which provides insulated contacts for applications on industrial control
  • panels or remote alarm panels.
  • If there is an electronic fault, overload, overheating or for scheduled maintenance operations, the automatic or manual (optional) bypass ensures continuity of the power supply for critical loads. A bypass switch is available for maintenance.

Manufacturer's Product Information for Daker DK 4500 4KVA Online UPS:

The Legrand UPS model Daker DK 4500 is an uninterruptible power source with high frequency PWM technology, Double Conversion OnLine, solid neutral, Rated Power 4,500 VA – 4050 W, equipped with valve-regulated, hermetically-sealed accumulator batteries, contained in a specific compartment inside the UPS or in one or more external cabinets, sized to guarantee a minimum uptime of 6 minutes at 80% of the load.

The electronics and batteries are contained in just four rack units.

The rectifier of the UPS is comprised of a control and regulating circuit (PFC), which, in addition to normal rectifier functions also:

  • automatically corrects the power factor of the load to restore it to a value of >0.99 with a load applied at the output at 20% of the rated load;
  • power the inverter without requiring energy from the batteries, even when there is very low voltage from the mains;
  • ensures a total harmonic distorsion of the input current THDIin
  • < 3% without the addition of filters or supplementary parts.

The bypass circuit is designed and built in compliance with the following:

− Electromechanical switch

− Command and control logic managed by a microprocessor that:

  • automatically transfers the load directly onto the primary mains line without interrupting the power supply if any conditions of overload, over temperature, continuous voltage outside of the tolerances and inverter anomaly arise;
  • automatically re-transfers the primary mains line load to an inverter line, without interrupting the power supply, once normal conditions of the load have been restored;
  • if the primary mains line and the inverter are not synchronised, the bypass must be disabled.

A diagnostic and shutdown software (UPS Communicator), if accordingly installed in a PC connected to the UPS, which allows you to access all of the DHEA's operational data, make adjustments and settings to the special functions and control Windows and Linux operating system shutdown.

An optional software (UPS management software) offers hierarchic multiserver shutdown and remote management of the UPS for any operating system in a heterogeneous network (Windows, Novell, Linux and the common Unix).

Daker DK 4500 is managed by a microprocessor and is able to display, on a control panel and LCD screen, the alarms and operating modes described below:

  • normal operation
  • output frequency that is not synchronised with the input
  • battery-powered operation
  • operation in bypass mode
  • faulty power module
  • overloaded
  • generic anomaly
  • incorrect neutral connection
  • back-up time
  • end of uptime

The Daker DK 4500 Static Uninterruptible Power Supply bears the CE marking, pursuant to Directives 73/23, 93/68, 89/336, 92/31, 93/68, and is designed and built in compliance with the following standards:

  • EN 62040-1 “General and safety requirements for UPSs used in areas that are accessible to the operator”
  • EN 62040-2 “Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements (EMC)”
  • EN 62040-3 “Performance and test method requirements”.

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