Sukam 200 Watts/24V Solar Panel


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Sukam 200 Watts / 24V Solar Panel - Poly Crystalline

  • Maximum Power Generation - High Efficiency Solar Panels
  • Shock-resistant Thick Iron Glass - Double thickness & Strong Permeability
  • High Grade Solar cells - State-of-the-art solar glass fo long-lasting. top-efficiency panels
  • Best Quality Raw Materials Delivering Best Performance Even in Extreme Weather
  • High Quality Heavy-duty Anodized Aluminium Frames
  • Solid back sheet: high level of UVA resistance
  • Excellent low light performance
  • 25 Years Warranty

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Big Deal: Buy Sukam Solar Panels and Enjoy

All solar panels are not born equal. Quality, efficiency, performance and durability are all measure factors of differences between different products, when you compare solar panels. How much joy you get from the performance of your solar power setup is highly a function of the grade of solar panels and other components you deploy. Lesson: if you want to invest in solar panels and solar installation that will deliver top performance and give you joy, be a bit selective and go for a top-rated brand.

Which is where the Sukam solar panels come in. Sukam solar panels are based on the latest technology and best quality components to not only withstand extreme weather conditions, but also to deliver that top performance that the user expects.

Solar setups are still relatively expensive in our market. Investing is enough panels to meet required energy delivery is still a sizable budget. Getting the best value out of your investment should be the uppermost considerations. How else could you ensure that except by going for fully certified, global standards solar components, like the Sukam solar panels?

With Sukam's manufacturer's warranty of 25 years on these panels, you definitely know that Sukam means business with it''s range of solar panels. Does it make good sense to gamble with the many unbranded and uncertifed open-market products out there? 

Key Features and Performance Advantages of Sukam Solar Panels

Maximum Power Generation:
The solar panels designed by Su-kam are so efficient that they generate electricity from sunrise to sunset without fail. To eliminate shading, gap between module frame and solar cells is optimised.

Shock-resistant thick Iron Glass:
Su-kam solar panels are made from thicker glass. Most of the solar panels available in the market are made up of 2mm thick glass while Su-kam solar panels use 4mm thick glass which provides a better resistance to shock. They have a strong permeability, and instead of reflection their focus is mainly on absorption.

High Grade Solar cells:
Su-kam uses the best quality solar cells which make the solar panels highly efficient. The cells are laminated between UV resistant polymer (EVA) and high transmission toughened glass surface, which helps in extended the life of solar panels and lessen the power degradation. It is found during the test results that Su-kam solar panels show degradation at 1% per year which is lower as compared to other solar panels available in the market. The other panels degrade at an average rate of 1.5-2% per year.

Best Quality Raw Materials Delivering Best Performance Even in Extreme Weather:
Su-kam solar panels can withstand adverse environmental conditions and give a better performance in all climates. They are perfect for India as they work well even in very hot temperatures.

Anodized Aluminium Frames:
Su-kam solar panels are built with high quality heavy duty anodized aluminium frames that are scratch-resistant, prevent corrosion, are waterproof and can endure high load forces. They are rough and tough.

25 Years Warranty:
Su-kam gives 25 years of warranty on panels and assures a great performance, not just functionality.

Sukam Solar Panels: Top Performance you Can count on

As Su-Kam says, Sukam has efficient modules which can produce more energy from the same or even lower sunlight. And they withstand extreme econditions without any loss of efficiency. When it comes to top performance, Sukam offers to high quality assurance. Sukam's quality assurance comes from rigorous quality control standards and unrelenting testing. That includes 100% inspection by EL tester.

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