Sinergy 2KVA / 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter with LCD Display


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Sinergy 2KVA / 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • High Standard Design for top performance and Durability
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter technology - Delivers Clean, Pure Sine Wave power Output
  • Built-in UPS Feature
  • Built-in Surge Protection
  • User-friendly LCD Display shows Charging/Overload, Battery Level, Load Status
  • Changes to inverter mode automatically - no need for manual intervention
  • Equipment-friendly, providing 100% equipment Protection
  • Battery Indicator with Charging / Overload Status
  • Battery Protection to Preserve Battery Life
  • Noise-free, Fumes-free, No Fuel Consumption
  • Suitable for Home and Office use
  • Durable, Dependable and built to last
  • Requires minimum of 2 No. 12V batteries to function
  • Up to 8 Hrs backup on moderate load (actual backup subject to load)
  • 1 Year manufacturer's Warranty

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Product Information: Sinergy 2KVA / 24V Inverter

The 2kva / 24V Sinergy inverter would seem the ideal capacity for basic power needs, for many homes. It will also serve the basic power needs of a small business unit. Running on a 24V battery bank (2 units of 12V battery), it's offers a capacity advantage over the 1.5kva inverter options, but maintaining the same battery requirement. In effect, you can take a bit more load, without requiring investment in more batteries.

The Sinergy 2kva / 24V Pure Sine Wave inverter is the right capacity with the right battery size at the right price and the right quality, for most basic users.

The 2kva Sinergy inverter provides you the capacity for up to 1400 watt power usage, though far lower load is recommended, to ensure reasonable power backup time. Effectively, this capacity meets the basic requirements of an average home, which can be roughly reduced to: 3 domestic fans, 1 TV set, satellite decoder, home theatre, CFL light points up to, say, 5 units and a laptop.

Sinergy inverters are built on advanced Auto Sense Intelligent Control (ASIC) technology which ensures they deliver maximum performance. Their pure sine wave inverter technology means they deliver the cleanest quality of power and are ideal for your sensitive equipment. With the built-in protections to ensure the efficient performance and durability of the equipment, Sinergy inverters can be trusted to deliver value for money. What's more, they come with 12 months of manufacturer's warranty.

The DSP technology of this inverter ensures quality power output.

It's high surge protection capacity means your equipment are safe with this inverter.

And because it has fast switching and built-in UPS mode, your sensitive appliances remain powered up, even when public power supply goes off. it's therefore suitable for computers, TVs, etc.

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