Logitech Wireless Presenter R400


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  • Intuitive slideshow controls - Handy buttons to control Presentations
  • Sharp Red laser pointer - easy to point out hghlights
  • 2.4GHz RF Wireless Technology
  • Up to 15-metre (50-foot) range - easily work the room & let the audience feel your presence
  • Storable plug-and-play wireless receiver
  • Built-in docking bay to store the receiver
  • Battery indicator - Know available power at a glance
  • No software to install - Just plug the receiver into a USB port to begin
  • Ergonomic Design
  • PC Compatible

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With the Logitech R400 Wireless Presenter with bright red laser pointer, you are in easy but firm control of your presentation and can pointedly highlight your key points. And you're free to work the room, too, making your presence readily felt by your audence and still in control, with up to 50-foot range wireless coverage by the R400 presenter. Read more in the Logitech R400 product brochure.

Powerful 2.4GHz RF Wireless Technology
That's solid room coverage to give you the freedom to move about and mingle with your audience, leaving bettery impact. The Logitech R400 presenter covers a rnage of 15 meters or 50 foot, giving the flexibility of easy movement with full control, wherever you move to.

Sharp Red Laser Pointer
Easily show them what you consider important. The bright red laser point sharply highlights what you point it to, so your audience can focus on key issues.

Plug-and-play Wireless Receiver
With the Logitech R400 Presenter, everything is easy - just plug and play. No software installations. Once you plug receiver into a PC USB port, you are set to get cracking.No hassles!

When the show is done and you want to pack up, its still no hassles. There's a built-in docking bay in the presenter to store the receiver, safely. They stay together, ready for use next time, without any being left behind.

Ergonomic Design
Sure, the Logitech R400 is designed to snug in your palm, very comfortable to hold. The ergonomic design makes this tool fit into your must-have list for serious presentations.

Battery Indicator
No surprises. As you use the Logitech R400 Presenter, it;s easy to know the available power, at a glance. The battery indicator tells you just that, helping you programme your delivery.

Overall, this is a powerful, yet convenient to use presenttion tool to enhance the impact of your presentations. It gives you control, it lets you interact better with the audience, it allows you freedom to move about and it lets you leave a better impact with your audience.

Technical Specifications of the Logitech R400

  • Built-in slideshow buttons
  • Up to 50-foot effective range with 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • Red laser pointer with LED indicator
  • Plug-and-play, no software required
  • Storable receiver and carrying case
  • Battery-power indicator
  • On/Off switch

In the Pack
Here's what you get in the package, when you receive your Logitech Wireless Presenter:

  • Logitech® Wireless Presenter R400
  • Wireless mini-receiver
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Carrying case
  • Quick-start guide

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