Mercury 1.2kva / 12V Radiant Inverter with LCD Display - Modified Sine Wave


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Mercury 1.2kva (1200VA) 12V Inverter with LCD Display

  • 1200VA Inverter Capacity with 720W Rated Output
  • 12VDC Battery Voltage (Single 12V Battery)
  • New LCD Dislay to Monitor Operating Status
  • Re-engineered for Best Performance & Durability
  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter
  • Transformerless Design
  • Solid Technical Support with Service centres in Major cities
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Still the Best Value: Top Performance at Least Cost


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The re-engineered Mercury 1200VA, 12V Radiant inverter (Mercury 1.2kva), now comes with an LCD display to enable the user monitor the operating status of the equipment. Better still, this tough, hard-working, low cost inverter has been upgraded for better performance and more durability. You really get virtually everything you desire: good performance, extended durability, trusted technical support and best of all, low pricing!

The Mercury Radiant modified sine wave inverters have remained in a class of their own, offering top performance at amazingly low pricing. Compared to other inverter options, this is the best value inverter product - costing so little and still delivering the power backup performance that users require. If you simply want to get the job done, at the best possible price, without worrying much about the waveform, these modified sine wave Mercury inverters are the perfect fit. They function well, are durable and are priced pretty low. For most domestic appliances, this class of inverters will meet your power supply objective, costing far less than the pure sine wave alternatives.


Now you can easily keep a close eye on the performance of your equipment, with an LCD display to constantly show its operating status. In particular, you can easily see the level of your battery, helping you decide when to recharge your batteries without letting them get dangerously low. Very deep discharge is harmful to your batteries, shortening their lifespan. So, there's a big value in a display that helps you track your battery level. Other critical performance indices are also available to help you optimise the use of your inverter.

The Mercury MSV inverter range offers a cheaper access to the use of inverters, enabling more households enjoy the extraordinary benefits of inverter use. Mercury Radiant inverters are in wide use in Nigeria, the result of their impressive performance, even at a low cost. Best of all, the available Kobian service centres, maintained across Nigeria by the manufacturer, ensure that your equipment is supported to keep it running. While there is a solid one year warranty with free maintenance, technical support remains readily available even after the warranty period. So, you can be sure to keep using your Mercury inverter far into the future. Little expenditure, huge value!

The 1200VA (1.2kva) Mercury inverter is a 12V system. Only one 12V battery is required to run this inverter. The battery capacity would be your choice (depending on intended function), but larger capacity batteries of 200Ah/12V and higher would be preferred for better energy storage capacity. While lower battery capacity that's 12V will still operate the inverter, your backup time could be short, with the added adverse impact on battery durability. Batteries that get run down fast and deep (due to inadequate capacity) are likely to die faster than their proper lifespan. To choose a battery brand and capacity for your inverter, please check our battery section for battery listings.

The 1.2kva Mercury inverter is rated at 720W. To enjoy reasonable backup performance from this inverter, however, you should aim at much lower total load. At 100% capacity load, your inverter will deliver a very short backup performance. To enjoy longer backup, you will have to scale down, knowing that the lower your load gets, the longer the inverter runs on a battery charge.




Voltage 230VAC
Capacity 1200VA/720W
Voltage Range 170-280VAC (UPS Mode)
90-280 VAC (INV Mode)
Voltage Regulation(Battery Mode) 230VAC +/-10%
Transfer Time 20 ms Typical
Waveform Modified Sine Wave
Battery Voltage 12VDC
Floating Charge Voltage 13.75VDC +-0.25
Charge Current 10/20A
Dimention 330 x 227.8 x 92.5
Net Weight (Kgs) 2.6
Gross Weight (Kgs) 3.1

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