Luminous 900VA/12V Zelio Inverter


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Luminous 900VA /12V Zelio Sine wave inverter

  • New design Luminous inverter with advanced technology
  • Higher efficiency & long back up
  • Sine wave Inverter for High efficiency power supply
  • Advanced battery management to enhances battery life up to 70%
  • Hassle free battery maintenance with intelligent battery water level sensor, if you use the tubular battery type
  • Proprietary FSW technology transformer for high efficiency and long life
  • Battery charging commences even at as low as 110V Mains AC

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Luminous Zelio 900VA /12V sine wave inverter comes with latest techonoly that ensures reliable performance and smooth operation. This 12V single-battery inverter is what a small user needs. It's capable of taking say, 2 domestic fans, a TV set, lighting and other low consumption devices. It's suited for a small home, able to meet theirbasic power needs.

Zelio 900VA/12V Designed for Performance

The Luminous Zelio 900VA /12V Sine wave inverter has been described as a excellent performer that delivers the high performance efficiency users want.

Delivering long backup performance, the Zelio 900VA assures you of the new life of comfort and fun, with extended power supply. What's more, the new technology of the Luminous Zelio 900VA/12V sine wave inverter is battery-friendly. Built-in advanced battery management means extended battery durability, even of to 70%.

Low power voltage? You're in good hands with the Luminous 900VA 12V Zelioinverter. this inverter is designed to cope with low power voltage, able to charge its battery from as low as 100V Mains AC.

Robust Luminous Zelio 900VA/12V inverter

The Zelio 900VA, as a 12V inverter, requires just one battery. At that capacity, it can only support a limited range of appliances. A typical load option for reasonable backup experience could be:

- 2 Ceiling Fans
- 1 Small TV
- 1 Satellite Decoder
- Light points (say 4 energy-efficient bulbs).


Luminous inverters, including the Luminous Zelio 900VA/12V sine wave inverter, are backed with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty in Nigeria. It is a carry-in repair warranty.

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