Legrand 1.5kVA UPS | Legrand Niky 1500VA / 900W Line Interactive UPS Single Phase, Multi IEC Sockets, USB


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Legrand 1.5kVA UPS | Legrand Niky 1500VA / 900W Line interactive UPS Single Phase, IEC, USB

  • Single-phase, VI line-interactive UPS
  • 800VA Power Backup; 600W Rating
  • Multi IEC Sockets; USB and RS232 communication port
  • Pseudo-sinusoidal waveform
  • Boost and Buck AVR converter
  • Control via microprocessor
  • LAN/SNMP connectivity
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Built-in self-test function
  • Advanced management of battery discharge; Easy to replace battery
  • Protection from voltage peaks and noise filter
  • Protection from overload and short-circuits
  • Cold-start function
  • Internet Modem/LAN protection
  • 2 x 12V/9Ah Battery
  • Backup time 5 to 30 Mins, depending on load

More details

Product Information for Legrand Niky 1500va / 900w Line Interactive UPS

For superior quality and performance, the Legrand UPS range is one of your surest options. Legrand of France is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its UPS systems are world-class, giving your equipment not just reliable power backup, but critical protection against mains interference.

The Legrand Niky range of line interective UPS offers great quality at reasonable cost. They may seem more pricey than the average UPS brands out there, but Legrand is premium quality UPS and, ultimately, better value for money. You get superior performance and outstanding product life.

The 1500va / 900W Legrand Niky UPS capacity is suitable for both home and office appliances. With the 1500va Legrand Niky UPS, which is 1.5kva, you can support home appliances like TVs, decoders, moderms, etc. The 1500va is also suitable for office equipment like PCs, printers, routers, TVs, etc.

Manufacturer’s information for Legrand Niky 1500VA UPS:

The Legrand UPS Niky 1500 model is an uninterruptible power source with interactive line technology. It delivers a rated power of 1500VA, it is CPU-controlled and is equipped, internally, with valve-regulated, hermetically sealed lead accumulator batteries to guarantee a minimum uptime of 5 minutes at 80% of the load.

The presence of an electronic stabiliser (AVR) inside the UPS provides the connected loads with effective protection against any interference in the electrical mains.

It also guarantees an uninterrupted power supply, thanks to the RJ11/ RJ45 sockets, guaranteeing excellent telephone/fax/modem/LAN line protection.

This UPS is available in the version 3 100 05 with six IEC output sockets + USB port.

The UPS can be connected to a PC through serial port RS232 on connector DB9 or through the USB allowing you to monitor its operation, thanks to the free software, and perform an emergency shutdown of the Windows / Linux operating systems.

NIKY 1500 is managed by a microprocessor and is able to display the following alarms and operating modes through four status LEDs:

  • normal operation
  • battery-powered operation
  • overloaded
  • generic anomaly
  • back-up time
  • end of uptime

The NIKY 1500 Static Uninterruptible Power Supply bears the CE marking, pursuant to Directives 73/23, 93/68, 89/336, 92/31, 93/68, and is designed and built in compliance with the following standards:

  1. EN 62040-1 “General and safety requirements for UPSs used in areas that are accessible to the operator”
  2. EN 62040-2 “Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements (EMC)”
  3. EN 62040-3 “Performance and test method requirements”.

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