4-Battery Iron Rack for Tall Tubular Size Batteries - without Top Cover


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4-Battery Iron Rack for Tall Tubular Batteries - without Top Cover

  • Designed for Tall Tubular Battery Size
  • Intuitive Spacing for Easy Access to Battery Vents to Ease Battery Top-up
  • Compact Rack design to Neatly stack Batteries in 2 Layers and Save Space
  • Solid iron design to Withstand weight of battery bank
  • Clean Finish to Blend well with environment
  • Allows for More Battery Aeration with Open Body Design
  • Durable, with Long Life Usage


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This is spacious 4-battery iron rack, design for tall tubular battery size.

Us this tubular battery rack for such tubular batteries as the Luminous NRGT 220Ah, Eastman 220AH Tubular battery, Su-vastika Bazoka 225Ah Tall Tubular battery, Index Tubular Battery, Sinergy 220Ah Tubular, Genus Invomax 220Ah Tubular and others of that same tall tubular size.

This 4-battery iron rack is designed to withstand the massive weight of four units of tubular battery.
Like our other 4-battery iron racks, it's finished in clean design and built rugged to withstand battery weight.

Best of all, we have taken account of the spacing needed at the top of each layer to ensure easy access to battery vents, so you can easily top up your batteries when required. Rack that don't allow such ease of access will mean that top-up becomes cumbersome and that will discourage the user from doing it when required. With this rack, required spacing has been provided for.

This 4-battery iron rack houses a pair of batteries on each of its two levels. 

The 2-storey rack design is space-saving, as batteries and inverter only occupy a small space in your apartment.

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