Ritar 200Ah/12V Front Terminal Slim AGM Battery - Ritar Dry Cell 200Ah Battery


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Ritar 200Ah/12V AGM Front Terminal Slim Battery - Dry Cell Inverter Battery

  • 200Ah/12V AGM Battery
  • Telecom Grade with 10 years design life in float service
  • Rechargeable and highly efficient
  • Fast charging & low internal resistance
  • Spill-proof, leak-proof and maintenance free Sealed Battery
  • Stable Quality & High Reliability
  • Long Service Life, Float or Cyclic
  • Low Pressure Venting System
  • Heavy Duty Grids
  • Low Self Discharge
  • Satisfies IEC, JIS and BS standards
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Application: Telecom, UPS, Inverter, Solar

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Need a slim design 200Ah 12V Sealed, Maintenance-free (SMF) battery for your inverter or other power backup system? The Ritar Front Terminal Slim SMF battery (dry cell battery) is not just sleek, it's a high-performance, reliable and longlife AGM battery.

Ritar is one of the leading Sealed, Maintenance-free (SMF) battery brands that can be trusted for reliable performance and long life cycle.

Over years of use in the Nigerian environment, Ritar has proven to be a dependable brand, with neglible failure rate. Users who want a reputable SMF battery in Nigeria must include the Ritar brand in their short list.

Ritar is a premium quality deep cycle battery for your power backup system. The Ritar brand of deep cycle batteries offers high-grade performance with outstanding reliability. Talk of A-list batteries and Ritar battery must be up there on such list.

Choose between the block design and this slim fron terminal design of the Ritar battery brand, depending on what best suits your project. Whichever design you prefer, you have the assurance of the same reliable performance that Ritar battery offers.

Key Features of Ritar SMF Battery

Here are some of the design and technology features that combine to make Ritar a top brand AGM battery:

  • Narrow structure: each cell has same heat dissipation efficiency thus good to prevent “thermal runaway” ; 
  • Plate: Pasted flat type, with patent formula of AM ensure good service life; 
  • Front terminal is convenient for connection and maintenance; 
  • Centralized vent system: battery internal gas can be vented out of the system, and flame arrester is equipped; 
  • Terminal cover: avoiding short circuit and dust ,the inspection hole is available for maintenance; 
  • Separator: use improved AGM separator, makes lower resistance, higher assembling pressure to increase deep cycle life; ; 
  • Terminal sealing: double sealing technics(mechanical + epoxy gl e). 

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