200Ah 12V Exide Index-NXT VRLA (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery 12V/200Ah


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200Ah Exide Index-NXT VRLA (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery -12V 200Ah

  • Superior Performance
  • Deep Cycle application
  • VRLA (AGM) Technology with Long Cycle Life
  • Fast recovery from deep discharge
  • Extended life
  • Fast recharge capability
  • Excellent charge retention
  • Low Self- Discharge
  • Hassle-free and Ruggest Sealed Maintenance-free Battery
  • Enhanced plate length for high power density
  • Standard Size
  • No Acid Spillage -No corrosion of floor
  • No harmful acidic fumes
  • No tension of adding water – Maintenance free operation
  • Long lasting
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

More details

Exide Industries Ltd is a world-renowned battery maker with long years of battery production experience and track record. Exide's footsteps in the battery manufacturing business goes all the way back to the World War 1, when the company manufactured batteries for submarines.

Currently Exide Industries Ltd produces all kinds of battery, tailored to suit specific applications.

The Exide Index-NXT battery series is a sealed maintenance-free deep cycle battery, build using VRLA [Valve Regulated Lead Acid] technology.  The Exide Index-NXT battery series has unmatched cycle life, dusting competing brands.

The Exide Index-NXT series batteries come with 1 year manufacturer's warranty, but with a promise of giving far longer service life.

The Index-NXT series is available in standard 12V with 200AH, 150AH & 100AH capacities to meet different users' backup time requirement and budget.

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