Genus 2000VA / 24V Inverter - 2kVA Genus With Digital Display - Easily Monitor Your Inverter's Performance!


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Genus 2kVA / 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • DSP Based Intelligent Control Circuit + DSP Based Smart Charger
  • Clean Quality power supply - Keeps expensive appliances 100% safe
  • LCD Display (Message and Faults) to monitor Inverter Performance
  • Auto self test on LCD
  • Noise-free performance
  • Ensures the longer battery life
  • Smarter Overload Sense, Short Circuit Protection
  • High surge withstand capability (up to 300%)
  • Battery State Monitoring
  • Three Stage Battery Charger
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • Compact Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Generator Compatible
  • Less vibration due to non electronic interference
  • Cold Start

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Genus inverter, made in India by Genus Power Infrastructure Limited, is one of the relatively old inverter brands in the Nigerian market. So, Genus inverter is in use here for many years, with good track record of performance.

Genus is backed with local maintenance support, with official service workshops in Lagos and other major cities. Backed with one-year product warranty by the manufacturer, Genus inverter is worth your money. It will meet your power backup requirement, being a trusted brand.

What's more, Genus inverter batteries are reliable, providing durable service and also backed with manufacturer's warranty. The full package of Genus inverter and batteries is good investment, when you need a power backup system.

The Genus 2kVA/24V inverter is a good capacity for a regular home, offering power backup for basic appaliances like house fans, television, light points and other low energy appliances. If supported with 2 x 200Ah batteries, the Genus 2kVA/24V inverter could power up to 3 domestic fans, 1 TV, several light points (preferably energy-savers) and other minor devices, and provide autonomy of up to 6 - 8 hours, depending on actual usage. For a regular 3-bedroom flat, the 2kVA/24V inverter is suitable for use.

The Genus 2kVA inverter offers the dependable performance of the Genus brand. Fitted with an LCD display unit, the user is able to view digital display of performance status of the inverter, a feature not available with several of the other brands, at this level. This display enhances ease of monitoring, giving the user a better control of the operation of the inverter, including tracking battery level and charging performance.

Need a 24V (2-battery) inverter? They mostly come as 1.5kVA or thereabout, which is why the higher capacity of the 2kVA Genus is a huge advantage, since it can take additional load.

We offer Genus 2kVA 24V inverter at the lowest price possible. So, look no further and just click the add-to-cart button. Who knows, you may get a gift, to boot.

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