KAB Executive Air Comfort System - KAB ACS - Ergonomic Office Chair with 8 Air Bags | 5-Yr Warranty


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KAB Executive Air Comfort System - KAB ACS Ergonomic Office Chair with 8 Air Bags

  • Premium quality ergonomic chair for ultimate body comfort for long work hours
  • 8 electronically adjustable airbags in the seat & back cushion
  • Excellent seat depth & full back support to shoulder height    
  • Air Lumbar support for body comfort
  • Control chamber for push-button adjustments
  • Adjustable air support system in all cushions
  • Backrest angle adjustment to 16 degrees
  • Tip-up armrests
  • Body-contoured cushions
  • Seat tilt & Seat tilt tension adjuster
  • Height adjustment 100mm (gas assisted)
  • 5 star base & Double wheel castors
  • Robust steel frame
  • Advanced ergonomic chair design & high-end quality
  • 5 Year KAB warranty

More details

Get the ultimate sitting comfort experience with the KAB Executive Air Comfort System, KAB ACS. The KAB ACS is a premium quality ergonomic office chair for top executives, business owners, senior government functionaries and others in leadership positions. Though the KAB Executive Air comfort System is an ideal seating for all who work long hours, its high-class design and premium quality easily place in the user-bracket of senior executives, top public servants and business owners. Built to the highest standard in quality and orthopaedic comfort, the KAB Executive ACS is the ideal seating for those who want the ultimate body protection when they work.

What Ergonomic Chair Does for You

Ergonomic chairs are specially designed for work situations, with particular care to optimise human well-being, especially by reducing work fatigue and stress, as well as back pains and spinal injury that can result from long hours of sitting. The ultimate aim of ergonomic work chairs is to maximise productivity by ensuring best body protection for the user. With the outstanding comfort they provide, the user is able to concentrate far better to get more work done and also avoid the downtime and costs of treating chronic body pains and spinal injury.

KAB Executive ACS Ergonomic Chair - Premium Quality You'll Love!

The KAB Executive Air Comfort System offers a top-class ergonomic design. But that's not all. This premium KAB 24/7 work chair has multiple electrically adjustable air bags - three in the backrest to provide lumbar support, two in the side cushions for side cushioning, two again in the side bolsters of the seat cushion and one in the front thigh cushion for customised thigh support. Together, they give you the right support just where you need it! KAB ACS air bagsSimpy manipulate the electrical pump to adjust the air bags to what delivers the comfort you want. Simply press a button and the electrical pump will feed air to support the area of your preference.

The KAB Executive Air Comfort System also features other trademark KAB design elements. You get back recline, tilt-lock and height riser mechanisms to further manipulate to your best comfort position. The headrest offers height and tilt adjustmest so you can position how it suits you. Still, you get armrests that you can tip up when you need or totally swivel down to fit comfortably under your desk, if you want them out of the way. Adjustability is the name of the game with the KAB Executive ACS. As KAB says, all of that makes this very ergonomic chair the top choice injury rehabilitation chair.

The rechargeable 12v battery which powers the electrical pump is discreetly located in the backrest. One charge will last several months in normal usage. Charging is easy as this chair has a charging port, just like your phone. Yes, the charger is provided. Simply plug to power source and plug into the chair charging port and leave it to charge up. The battery will last a lifetime, but is also replaceable, if it eventually wears out.
KAB ACS Ergonomic Chair - Air Bag control button and Battery Charging Point

The powerful features of the KAB Air Comfort system make it an ideal work companion for high level executives who can afford an ergonomic work chair that really hugs the body and provides effective lumbar support.

KAB Executive Air Comfort System: Rugged, Resilient, Dependable

KAB Executive ACS is worth every dime you invest in it because it's built not only to give you immediate comfort, but to last and continue to protect you and keep you in comfort, far into the future. The chair is built rugged and resilient, able to withstand the rigours of prolonged use. The robotically welded steel frame structure is as tough as needed to withstand the burden it's designed to bear. The heavy duty 5-Star base with double wheeled casters is firmly in place, maintaining the stability of the chair, even when you rock and tilt.

No wonder KAB counts among its office chair customers such names as U.S. government and military branches, British government and military branches, Lockheed Martin, Erickson, NATO, Shell Oil, Volvo, Exxon, British Petroleum, Barclays Bank, Harvard University and Yale University.

More features of KAB ACS Executive Ergonomic Chair

Here's more of what you get from the Kab ACS Executive ergonomic office chair:

  • 8 adjustable air bags in the seat and back cushions to ensure optimum comfort and support
  • Backrest recline adjustment
  • Tilt-lock mechanism
  • Height riser mechanism
  • Height & tilt adjustable headrest
  • Tip-up & swivell down armrests so that you can move them out of your way or make them fit comfortably under your desk.
  • Completely Servicable Chair
  • 5-Year KAB warranty for users up to 225kg

KAB ACS Air Comfort System Ergonomic Chair

KAB Ergonomic Chair Features and Benefits Explained:

24/7: designed to withstand extended use of 24 hours a day x 7 days a week. The chairs also incorporatate an extensive range of adjustment features to enable users to customise their seat position to suit themselves. This makes the office chair perfect for 24/7 shiftwork environments where multiple users use the same chair.  

Ergonomic Support: The way you sit at work is important as poor postural patterns during seated work tasks may be associated with physical discomfort, fatigue and injury. KAB Office Chairs incorporate a variety of adjustments that are specifically designed to allow you to maintain correct sitting posture and enjoy ideal support and comfort. Each chair has been engineered to exacting standards to ensure the stresses and strains placed on the body through incorrect seating is avoided.

KAB ACS Ergonomic Chair

Air Lumbar Support: optimum lower dorsal support provided by infinite air lumbar inflation and deflation through the use of a hand pump.

Backrest Recline: 16 degree back angle adjustment for customized comfort and optimum ergonomic support.

Tilt-lock Mechanism: offers easy rocker tension adjustment for users of 50kg to 150kg and incorporates an 'anti-kick' safety system. This makes KAB seats suitable for use by multiple users in shiftwork environments. This mechanism also allows you to lock your chair into a range of tilted positions for customized comfort.

Steel Base - KAB ACS Ergonomic Chair

Height Riser: allows for easy seat height adjustment between 460mm and 560mm.

KAB Executive ACS: Seat Operation Instruction Video

Ready to buy the KAB Executive ACS, you might as well begin to get to know it opertions better. here's a video that lets you into how to enjoy the various functions of the KAB ACS and how to operate the chair.

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