Su-Kam 48V Battery Equaliser - Sukam Battery Management System (BMS)


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Su-Kam 48V Battery Equaliser - Sukam Battery Management System

  • Built on Micro-controller based AET (Active Equalization Technique) technology 
  • Equalizes battery voltage in battery bank connected in series
  • Battery balancing protects batteries from undercharging & overcharging which harm batteries
  • Reduces frequency of battery water topping, if flooded batteries are used
  • Battery Life is extended up to 30% with battery equalisation
  • LCD display to view equalized voltages of batteries
  • Suitable for all battery types: AGM, Gel, flooded (Tubular)
  • Use 48V Equalizer is for 4 batteries; multiple units for battery bank of any size
  • Minimises frequency of battery replacement
  • Easy to Install

More details

The Su-Kam Battery Management System (BMS), aka Sukam Battery Equalizer is an installation accessory for batteries, designed to protect batteries in a battery bank connected in series. Its work is to equalise or balance them. What is balanced is the charging process and the charge received by each battery. Battery voltage differences easily arise, if no equalizer is used. Eventually, one or more batteries continue to experience overcharging while another or others will continually be undercharged. Ultimately, batteries are ruined, costing you money!

Protect Your Batteries with Sukam Battery Equalizer!

Battery equalization is necessary because various factors will likely make the batteries charge at different rates. As a result, when one battery is fully charged, the other may not be and the charging process will continue as full charge total voltage has not been attained. In effect, the already fully charged battery may begin to overcharge, affecting the health of the battery.

Same factor can lead to chronic undercharging for the undercharged battery, also affecting its state. The result is continual damage to the battery bank, ultimately causing it to fail.

With the battery equalizer, that risk is contained. The battery equalizer works to ensure that both batteries charge at par, eliminating overcharging or undercharging for any of the batteries. So, with the Sukam Battery Equaliser, you practically take an insurance against unbalanced charging and the dnger it poses to your battery. Given the cost of batteries, it;s a protection well worth taking.

Manufacturer Information: Sukam Battery Management System - Battery Equalizer

Battery Equalizer 24V-48V

Enhances battery life and performance

The Su-Kam Battery Equaliser is a unique product that equalizes two or more batteries in a battery bank connected in series and corrects their imbalances. Battery equalizer enhances the battery life by preventing under charge and over charge of the batteries. When batteries in different states of charge are connected in series, there are chances that the weaker battery becomes weaker and the stronger battery gets overcharged. This leads to a reduction in the life cycle of the overall string of batteries, as against the original life expectancy. The battery equalizer prevents this adverse effect on the batteries and thereby increases the working life of the entire string of batteries.

The Su-Kam Battery Equaliser is a patented technology which provides perfect voltage matching of the batteries during both charge and discharge, bringing longer life cycle, lower rates of failure and easy maintenance.

Major Advantages Of Using A Battery Equalizer:

  • When there are more than 2 batteries in the series, it will equalize the voltage in them and ensure they do not have different voltages.
  • Protects your batteries from undercharging and overcharging, which reduces their working life.
  • Extends battery life and capacity appreciably.
  • Reduces the frequency of battery replacement, thus reducing cost and saving money.
  • Easy to install with batteries connected in series.
  • Operates in all 3 modes: battery charging, discharging or in idle mode.
  • Compact size, low weight.


  • Active equalization technique based on flash micro-controller.
  • Reduces the battery replacement, which again greatly reduces the cost.
  • Easy to install with batteries connected in series.
  • Suitable for ‘N’ numbers of batteries by utilizing multiple units together.
  • Operates in all three modes: battery charging, discharging or in idle mode.
  • Appropriate for Gel, Sealed and AGM Lead Acid batteries.
  • Works with conventional flooded lead acid batteries and SMF batteries.
  • Extends battery life and run time.
  • Prevents over and under charge due to battery imbalance.

Video: How Sukam Battery Equalizer Works

Video shows how Sukam Battery Management System - the Sukam Battery Equaliser - works. It explains how voltage differences arise and how they will harm your battery bank, if unmitigated. It also shows why it's important to protect your batteries with the battery management system and how the battery management system intervenes to save your batteries and extend their life.

Note: This video is not in English, but is still helpful, as it is subtitled in English and is also illustrated.

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