Quality Distilled Water for Tubular and Other Wet Cell Battery Top-up | 10-litre Keg


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Genuine Quality Distilled Water for Tubular/Other Wet Cell Battery Top-up

  • Reliable Quality Distilled water to top-up wet cell batteries - tubular and others
  • Cleaned of biological contaminants and organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Very purified to maintain battery health
  • Never top your Tubular or other Wet Cell battery with Electrolyte
  • Use Trusted Distilled Water to Elongate your Battery Life, ensure top performance and enjoy many years of seervice

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Tubular batteries are inreasingly popular in our market because of their proven longer durability and better performance. Years back when they were introduced to our inverter market, response was poor, as users were already settled into dry cell battery experience.

Though there were frequent disappointments with some of the dry cell battery products, the idea of battery top-up, required by wet cell tubular batteries, was also discouraging to many potential users. Users of dry cell, sealed, maintenance-free (SMF) batteries were already used to batteries they installed and forgot about, with no maintenance work to do. Only that battery life was always a problem lurking in the corner, as many batteries failed to deliver suffiient lifespan and value.

Much of that is changing, with increasing shift to tubular wet cell batteries. The reason is simple: as some users began to try out the tubular batteries, experience confirmed them to be more durable. Increasingly, resellers, installers and users have seen consistency in the superior life cycle of tubular batteries, over dry cell batteries. Basically, this is embedded in the tubular battery technology, which offers proven advantages in battery durability.

Do you already have tubular batteries or may be planning to convert to tubular option? Wise choice. But bear in mind that they have to be maintained. That's nothing herculean, we can assure you. Just occasional battery top-up, with distilled water. Once in a quarter would seem adequate in most cases, and for some brands, much less frequently than that would still suffice. But you must top up, else your battery will cake up and be ruined. That shouldn't scare you, because this top-up is just an occasional chore and a relatively easy one to execute.

That settled, we come to the equally important aspect of what to top with. Never put additional electrolyte (acid) into your battery. It's the water component in the battery that dries with usage, not the electrolyte, so don't pour in additional electrolyte. You stand to ruin your battery, if you do. You just need to replace the water. But again, not with tap water, which will introduce impurities into your battery and also likely ruin it. Use only distilled water.

No doubt, not all distilled water you can find will offer the level of purity that's best for your batteries. So, you also need to be careful how you source the distilled water you apply to your batteries. Ensure you obtain good quality, reliable distilled water for your batteries, to maintain their health and assure you of the long life performance that tubular battery technology promises. While tubular batteries offer longer life, will you be helping your batteries if you saturate it with contaminated distilled water, which falls short of what it claims to be?

Get a good tubular battery brand, ensure to top it up whenever necessary and be sure to use excellent quality distilled water and you can be sure of using your batteries until you can confess that you have covered your investment multiple times.

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