Ecostar 24V Battery Equalizer - Battery Management Mechanism to Optimise Battery Performance and Battery Life


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Ecostar 24V Battery Equalizer

  • 24 volt battery equalizer, typically for battery bank size of 4 or more batteries
  • Ensures balanced charging of string of batteries connected in series, preventing imbalances
  • Equalises battery voltage in the battery bank, which helps extend the lifespan of the batteries
  • Protects batteries from undercharging and overcharging, prventing the reduction in their working life that would therwise occur
  • Battery equalizer reduces the frequency of battery replacement, saving the user lots of money
  • Easy to install with batteries connected in series

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Get the Ecostar Battery Equalizer to help your battery bank perform optimally and extend battery life.

Why do you need the battery equalizer, you may ask. The battery equalizer helps to resolve a charging and discharging disparity that batteries suffer, which ultimately affects their performance and life. Two or more batteries connected in series in a battery bank will not charge or discharge at the same rate. While some may be overcharging, others may be undercharging. The battery equalizer is a balancing mechanism that resolves that disparity and ensures the batteries charge and discharge at par. The equalizer is able to transfer voltage from one battery to the other, to achieve balanced battery voltage.

The battery equalizer therefore solves both problems of imbalanced battery discharging and charging.

Ecostar battery equalizer, manufactured by Ecostar Technologies, India, is is designed for quality performance. Ecostar battery equalizer 48V is ideal for a string of 4 or more batteries.

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