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The Midea HC-657WEN Side-by-Side Refrigerator Has a Bang! – Great if you Can Afford it

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There are refrigerators and there are some more. The Midea HC-657WEN Side by Side refrigerator is one with a bang. If you can spare the extra cash for it, it offers it all: massive storage capacity, must-have features and a captivating design. And the stainless steel finish makes it jaw-dropping and your dream refrigerator

All refrigerators are not equal. The Midea HC-657WEN Side-by-Side Refrigerator is not only huge in size, it also has considerable capacity, a whopping 502 litres. What’s more, the Midea HC-657WEN Side-by-Side Refrigerator offers a bundle of remarkable features to ease your life and deliver comfort. Plus the minor fact that visitors will envy you!

What is a Side by Side Refrigerator?

That, perhaps, will be the question on some minds. We will explain here. And also demonstrate with images of side by side refrigerators.

By design, side-by-side refrigerators usually have two full-length doors, opening out from the center. While one door opens to the left, the other will open to the right. Both doors may not necessarily be opened at the same time, anyway. Typically, one side is for freezer function, while the other is the regular fridge.

To accommodate such two large doors, a side-by-side refrigerator is typically large-sized. That also boils down to a lot of storage space. With abundant fridge space that’s available, side-by-side refrigerators can store lots of food items and beverages. By their door design that swings open from the centre, it is also easy to access the food and drinks you store in a side-by-side refrigerator.

Another feature to expect from most side-by-side refrigerators is an ice-maker, with ice-block and ice-water making functions.

Overall, these are high-end refrigerators, for those who want extra comfort and convenience, adding greatly to the quality of life. You will, of course, expect them to cost more.

Midea HC-657WEN Side-by-Side Refrigerator Features

The Midea HC-657WEN Side-By-Side Refrigerator offers practically everything you’ll need for massive storage of foods and drinks and enjoyment. Check these:

Huge 502 litre Storage capacity.

Every food item, fruit and beverage you want preserved will possibly be accommodated. All of that can be properly arrange, for ease of access, in the multiple compartments and shelves of the Midea HC-657WEN

Convenient Flip-down Counter

Just flip it down and there you have a tidy counter to place things on. The flip-down counter offers a convenient space for preparing food and drinks right at the fridge door. Want to mix a drink? Just flip it down and have a platform to get the blend you want.

Water and Ice Dispenser

Whether it’s cold water or ice blocks or crushed ice, the water and ice dispenser offers on-demand water and various forms of ice, making your drink preparation more convenient.

LCD Touch Panel

Easy control at your finger tip! The temperature of different compartments can be accurately displayed and precisely controlled by the touch control panel.

Spill-proof Shelves

The interior shelves are designed so as to contain any spills and prevent spreading to other areas.

Esthetically Captivating Design

The Midea HC-657WEN side-by-side refrigerator is finished in appealing design. The stainless steel finish, giant sturdy handles and imposing size will definitely add shine to your kitchen.


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