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Luminous Inverters in Nigeria: Why Buy Luminous Inverter Brand

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Top-performing Luminous inverters have gained prominence in the Nigerian market on account of their reliability. With a wide range of inverter capacities to meet every user's requirement, Luminous inverter brand is now a household name. Choose a low capacity for home use or a higher capacity if the intended use demands it.

Luminous is a notable brand of inverter, used by many in Nigeria. Made in India by one of the leading inverter manufacturer's, Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Luminous inverters come in several capacities, low and high, providing a choice for every user. With a solid 12 months warranty support and well-manned service workshops across Nigeria, Luminous is a reputable inverter brand to invest in.

Luminous inverters enjoy wide acceptance in Nigeria as one of the leading brands in the market. Made to high standard with Luminous’ advanced inverter technology, the Luminous brand delivers reliable performance. We stock the range of Luminous inverters as well as Luminous inverter batteries to meet users' requirements.

Luminous Inverter Country of Origin

Luminous brand of inverters and power products is made in India. They’re product of Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd of India, one of the foremost Indian inverter companies. Indian technology has advanced considerably in the area of power solutions, making India-made inverters highly sought after.

Key Reasons to Buy Luminous Inverter

Luminous inverters are widely used in Nigeria and you should feel comfortable choosing any of the models. If you desire more convincing, here are some reasons to consider:

  • Luminous offers advanced technology, innovative product development and assured reliability
  • High over-load handling capacity
  • Installation and maintenance friendly design
  • Advanced battery management which enhances battery life
  • Luminous inverters have Intelligent battery charging mechanism
  • Protection features for Safety for your home & Office
  • Wide range of capacities, meaning there's one to match your requirement
  • Luminous Product warranty of manufacturer of 12 months
  • Service workshops in Nigeria for after sales support

Luminous Inverter Capacities

Luminous offers a full range of inverters, from low to high capacities. Here’s a summary of what’s on offer, as at date of writing this:

Luminous Eco Volt Low Capacity Range: produced in 900VA/12V, 1000VA/12V, 1050VA/12V, 1500VA/24V.

Luminous Zelio Low capacity model: available as 900VA/12V, 1100VA/12V, 1500VA/24V, 1700VA/24V.

Luminous Cruze Inverter range (Mid-range Capacities): 3.5kVA/48V, 4kVA/48V, 5kVA/48V, 5kVA/96V, 7.5kVA/120V, 10kVA/180V

Luminous Pro 3 Phase High Capacity Inverters: 10kVA/180V, 15kVA/240V, 20kVA/360V and 30kVA/360V

Luminous Solar Hybrid Inverters: 875VA/12V, 1500VA/24V

Luminous Inverter Warranty

Luminous inverters are sold in Nigeria with 12 months’ manufacturer’s warranty, as at time of writing this. We will add that the Luminous warranty works. What is translates to is free repair during warranty period, should the inverter develop a fault.

Maintenance Support for Luminous Inverters

Luminous is already well-established in Nigeria and has service locations across Nigeria

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