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Introducing… The Fascinating New Sukam 2kVA / 24V Inverter with Remarkable Performance Features

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For homes and small offices requiring a fairly robust inverter capacity to meet load requirement but at moderated acquisition cost, the new Sukam 2kVA/24V inverter meets exactly that. It's large enough to support a sizable load range, but compact enough to satisfy the other key goals, proving ideal for the average user.

Sukam has just launched a new, quite advanced, feature-rich and much-expected 2kVA inverter with 24VDC (two-battery) configuration.

Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, the Indian power solutions company with a deep root in the inverter manufacturing business, has been present in Nigeria, through its products, for up to two decades.

Sukam has marketed its inverters and batteries in Nigeria over those years and has been a pioneer brand and still a leading brand. Sukam inverters presently power large numbers of homes and offices in Nigeria, bringing joy to many users. That extensive market presence has been sustained by impressive product quality and high performance, as well as top-notch service support.

To meet the requirements of different user applications, Sukam has developed a wide range of inverter models and capacities, serving every conceivable need. In the Sukam portfolio, you can pick and choose, depending on what best serves your purpose. That ranges from low capacity to extremely high capacity inverters, covering home users, office applications and industrial aand commercial requirements.

In all of that, though, Sukam had omitted to provide a 2kVA (2000VA) inverter of 24VDC, before now. The 24V Sukam inverter has gone from 1.4kVA in the early days, to 1.5kVA and, about two years back, to 1.6kVA. Remarkably, that range has been outstandingly successful over the years, as each successive model remained a workhorse and a durable machine.

Yet, users had continued to hope for a scale-up to 2kVA for the 24V Sukam range. At 2kVA, more of the basic appliances of the average home are more effectively accommodated, still without overstretching the capacity of its two batteries, especially if up to 200Ah.

New Sukam 2kVA/24V Inverter Unveiled

The good news is finally here. Yes, a more robust 24V (two-battery) Sukam inverter is now available to meet your home or office requirement. It keeps total cost low and yet, offers more capacity to do most of the critical things you want. Best of all, the Sukam 2kVA/24V inverter is of the high performance Fusion Series design (like the popular Sukam 3.5kVA inverter) and brings an array of high-performance features.

The beauty of the new Sukam 2KVa/24V inverter is that it strikes a healthy balance. A user needs enough capacity to take up the load – fans, TVs, light points, laptop, decoder, modems, etc. The 2kVA capacity does better justice to that requirement, than you had with 1.4kVA or even the higher 1.6kVA.

Still, most users want to cap the procurement budget at a bearable level. Staying at 24V (2 batteries) is more affordable for most average users, than going for higher battery requirement, given the current level of battery cost. With the new 2kVA Sukam, you are covered on this count.

The other important point is the load impact on the battery bank. Increasing load capacity with low battery support may prove counterproductive if batteries get overworked and die prematurely. That worry, happily, is not significant with the 2kVA inverter. Yes, there is increase in load capacity, but it's not stretched, in this case, to a level that will wear the batteries unduly. That's the beautiful balance in this Sukam inverter model.

However you look at it, the Sukam 2KVA/24V inverter is an efficient design, ideal for standard home use and also suitable for small offices.

Features of Sukam 2kVA / 24V Inverter

Primarily, the new 2kVA Sukam comes with performance features that ensure efficient power delivery. Check these:

  • Clean pure sine wave power output to run appliances efficiently and noiselessly
  • Smart SMPS-based fast battery charging system to charge quickly and ensure you enjoy
  • Saves substantially on electric bill, with accelerated charging system, especially for prepaid users
  • Intelligent thermal management system
  • Solar compatibility to charge with solar power if you can integrate solar
  • Manual Static by-pass for convenience in case of need to bypass
  • Graphic LED display - operation, charge, fault: you see what's going on with the system
  • Automatic cooling fan

To ensued the inverter continues to deliver stable performance without breakdowns, Sukam has also built in a lot of protective controls. When inverters lack suck protections, the risk of faults is higher, as any of several issues can lead to breakdown. The 2KVA Sukam is heavily protected, offering the following:

  • Battery reversal pole protection
  • Battery deep discharge and overcharge protection
  • High surge load handling capability
  • Inbuilt wrong wire connection protection
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection with 8 times auto retry
  • Reverse current flow protection
  • Automatic circuit breaker recovery

In summary, the Sukam 2kVA / 24V Fusion inverter offers advanced and reliable technology for efficient performance and suits the needs of the average home. It brings a tidy balance between capacity requirement, cost of acquisition and battery management to offer higher prospects for user satisfaction. If you need an inverter in this capacity range, the Sukam 2kVA model is worth staking on.


Created On Tuesday, June 26, 2018 Posted By wale Comment Link
good day sir I like to know when if I order for the battery how many day to supply
Created On Monday, May 14, 2018 Posted By Emeka Comment Link
Are you people still active?
Created On Monday, May 14, 2018 Posted By Emeka Comment Link
Are these people still selling or is the site dysfunctional
Created On Friday, April 13, 2018 Posted By Isaac Okitikpi Comment Link
How much is a bundle of a Luminous 2.5 kva with three batteries 220v and how long would it take to get to Benin
Created On Thursday, March 22, 2018 Posted By Chima Comment Link
Hello Gbenga, it really depends on where you are ordering from.. We don't take orders for what is not in stock, so our shipments are prompt - usually same day or next day. Receiving the item will depend on your location and how long it takes the carrier to deliver to your location.. In Lagos, we deliver most orders on same or next day basis.
Created On Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Posted By Oyeniyi Gbenga Comment Link
If I order online for your products when I will get it. Thanks.
Created On Thursday, February 8, 2018 Posted By Uche Comment Link
What is the current price for this 24vDC inverter /2KVA and do you also deal on charge controllers? Does 24DC inverter have inbuilt charge controller?
Created On Friday, December 1, 2017 Posted By Swiftermall Comment Link
Thanks Liberty for visiting. Our sincere apology for the delay in responding. The price is N85,000. You can order here if you want towww.swiftermall.com/sukam-inverters/1055-su-kam-fusion-series-2000va-24v-inverter-2kva.html
Created On Monday, November 27, 2017 Posted By Liberty Comment Link
Pls what is the cost of this inverter?
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