Buying a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in Nigeria – What you Should Know
Faced with the challenges of the huge power shortage and quality problems in Nigeria, supporting equipment with a UPS is imperative. Choosing the right UPS to use is, however, not that easy. To lessen that problem for you, here is a selection guide that you should find handy.
Introducing… The Fascinating New Sukam 2kVA / 24V Inverter with Remarkable Performance Features
For homes and small offices requiring a fairly robust inverter capacity to meet load requirement but at moderated acquisition cost, the new Sukam 2kVA/24V inverter meets exactly that. It's large enough to support a sizable load range, but compact enough to satisfy the other key goals, proving ideal for the average user.
The Midea HC-657WEN Side-by-Side Refrigerator Has a Bang! – Great if you Can Afford it
There are refrigerators and there are some more. The Midea HC-657WEN Side by Side refrigerator is one with a bang. If you can spare the extra cash for it, it offers it all: massive storage capacity, must-have features and a captivating design. And the stainless steel finish makes it jaw-dropping and your dream refrigerator
Tubular Batteries to the Rescue - Helping You Break Out of the Inverter Battery Quagmire
Tubular batteries for inverters have proven to deliver tougher performance and far longer life. Yet they remain less understood by the Nigerian market. Regrettably, that results in massive loss of money by inverter users who continue to rely on weaker battery types. It is time to get wiser and put one's money where the mouth is.