Blue Gate 2000VA AVR Relay Series - Blue Gate 2kVA Stabilizer


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BLUEGATE 2kVA AVR RELAY SERIES - 2000VA Bluegate Stabilizer

  • Automatic Voltage regulator with Advanced control technology & automatic control system
  • Wide input voltage range 100VAC-260VAC - to withstand wide power fluctuations
  • Stabilized output voltage - 200-240V(Empty load), energy saving performance
  • Over-voltage, Low-voltage protection
  • Delayed output, Short circuit & High temperature protection
  • Classic series, EI transformer, relay type
  • Input and output voltage meter display
  • Circuit breaker
  • Power Surge Protection
  • Efficiency: 98%
  • Made with reliable components, for durability
  • Fully automatic control system
  • Suitable for TV, air-conditioner, refrigerator, computer & duplicating machine and other household equipment

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Not sure which automatic voltage regular, AVR, you should trust your precious equpment to? Check the BlueGate AVR. The Blue Gate AVR automatically protects sensitive electronic devices by regulating utility voltage during power sags/fluctuation and over-voltages, helping to ensure their longest possible life.

It features a voltage selector switch so it can be used in a workable region. It has surge protector and a combination power switch/circuit breaker for convenience and overload protection.

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