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Beyond providing backup power to sustain your work or other ose of equipment and devices when there's power outage, top quality UPS does much more. They provide automatic voltage regulation (AVR) function, meaning the UPS can handle the effect of over- and under-voltage. By managing high or low voltage, a good UPS helps hold the supplied power within a usable voltage range, only going into battery supply when the drop or increase is beyond the range it can sustain.

A good UPS also processes waveform distortions, protecting the equipment. Similarly, power surges/spikes that can cause significant damage to equipment, can be arrested by a good UPS. Other noise issues and distortions of power quality can be mitigated with the use of a UPS.

But not UPS brands are as advanced as to tackle these listed problems. So, when buying a UPS, you need to be sure what performace you require and to ascertain what UPS brands offer such functions. Also, not all UPS of the same brand have the same functions. You also need to determine which UPS models of the brand you want that will serve your requirement.

When it comes to backup power and protection for your data centre, networking equipment and other mission-critical equipment, there's no better name for the power systems you need that American Power Conversion, APC. APC by Schneider  is in the lead with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) technology, offering some of the most advanced UPS, UPS batteries and other power backup accessories. Even for home use, your valued electronic appliances, home entertainment systems, home computers and all, need power backup and equipment protection that come from APC.

APC UPS range is from the more affordable APC Back-UPS (standby) series, to the APC Smart-UPS, Back-UPS Pro and Matrix (line interactive) series, up to APC Symmetra (double conversion on-line) range and finally to Silcon, Symmetra MN (delta-conversion online) series. Each class is best suited for a range of usage and budget and you need to choose appropriately. What you can be sure of is that APC is designed to high standards, providing the best quality performance and durability, whatever level of APC UPS you deploy.

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