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UPS Power Backup

Shop for UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply – in our store and you can be sure of getting one of the best UPS power backup systems in Nigeria. UPS offers battery power backup to support appliances when the mains supply fails. But as you will see here, top quality UPS brands do much more than provide backup power for appliances.

Why You Need UPS Battery Backup for Office and Home Appliances

Power failures are rampant in our environment and it could be traumatizing to suddenly lose supply, especially if you have work that is disrupted. In more painful cases, unsaved work done, say on a PC, is lost. A UPS not only allows the user to work more and tidy up, but also allows him to save the work.

Sudden power outages can also harm delicate equipment – PCs, projectors, TVs, etc. The UPS helps you properly and carefully shut down. Still, good quality UPS intervenes in power fluctuations by supplying from the battery to sustain your supply, keeping you more productive at work and letting you enjoy your devices at home.

What’s more, there is the challenge of myriad power quality problems that hurt delicate equipment and appliances – spikes, sags, voltage flicker, harmonic distortions, etc. Advanced UPS brands have the capacity to tackle most of those power quality problems and protect the equipment.

Simply put, it’s just imperative to support and protect all critical appliances and equipment at home and the office with good quality UPS power backup.

UPS Types to Choose from

UPS comes in different technology types, which define how they work, what functions they perform and their overall efficiency. That also has a key impact on price. Most widely used UPS types are: standby or offline UPS, line interactive UPS and online double conversion UPS, with the standby as the cheapest.

What UPS to buy depends on what equipment type you want it to backup, with more sensitive, more expensive equipment requiring the more advanced, more expensive UPS options. Just get what offers the best value for your purpose.

Choosing the Right UPS Brand in Nigeria

Which UPS brand to buy also depends on the scale and sensitivity of backup support that is required. Some very advanced UPS brands have a far higher price point, but can be justified when critical deployments are at stake. If a reliable, cheaper UPS brand can do, there are good options to choose from. When you want a dependable UPS backup, here are some of the best UPS to choose from: APC UPS, Eaton UPS, Legrand UPS, Tripp Lite and at a lower price range, Bluegate UPS and Mercury UPS.

Prices of UPS in Nigeria

If you need the best prices for UPS in Nigeria, here’s where to find them. We offer great bargains for power backup systems, whether UPS or inverters. Check our prices below for various capacities and top brands of UPS to choose from.


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