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Luminous inverters enjoy wide acceptance in Nigeria as one of the leading brands in the market. Luminous offers a full range of inverters from low capacity units to high capacity inverters. Built of advanced inverter technology, the Luminous brand also delivers reliable performance. We stock the range of Luminous inverters as well as Luminous inverter batteries to meet users' requirements.

Luminous inverters are sold with 12months' warranty in Nigeria. That warranty offers free maintenance of Luminous inverters, during the warranty period.

Luminous inverter capacities to choose from include:

  • Luminous Eco Volt: 900VA/12V, 1500VA/24V
  • Luminous Zelio inverter: 900VA/12V, 1500VA/24V
  • Luminous Solar Hybrid inverter: 875VA/12V, 1500VA/24V
  • Luminous Cruze inverters: 3.5kVA/48V, 4kVA/48V, 5kVA/48V, 5kVA/96V, 7.5kVA/120V
  • Luminous Pro 3-Phase High capacity Inverters: 10kVA/180V, 15kVA/240V, 20kVA/360V, 30kVA/360V

Luminous inverters are made in India by Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd of India. And for the Luminous batteries to use with them, check our battery category for Luminous batteries.

Want to know more about Luminous inverters? Read this blog post on Luminous inverters in Nigeria.


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