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Inverters have become the clear winner in the quest for viable alternative power solution, given our dismal public power supply experience. Quality inverters provide extended power backup on a reliable basis. Whether from the point of home comfort or as a catalyst for business, your investment in a good quality inverter easily changes your experience for good. An inverter will take the power supply hassles off your back, bringing immediate relief. Best of all, inverters have a short payback period, meaning that you quickly recover your investment in the inverter, by way of cost-savings, dramatic comfort and a hassle-free experience.

The are mainy inverter brands in Nigeria to choose from. While many new inverter brands are now brought in, there are some that have stood out in terms of reliability, durability and overall performance. You good starting point, if you want a positive user experience with your inverter, will be to identify those brands that have offered proven qulity performance over the years, with many satisfied users. Not to worry, we can start you off in that quest. So, here we go...

Sukam inverters remain the leading brand for quality, reliability and solid technical support, with a strong market presence and wide usage. Sukam inverters cover the whole range from low capacity units for low-load home applications to high capacity systems for huge commercial projects. Sukam easily has the widest usage in Nigeria and in our view, a brand that you cannot go wrong with.

Also in wide usage and offering a stout market presence is Luminous. Luminous inverters have similar profile of high performance and durability as Sukam. Like Sukam, Luminous inverters are made in India and cover low to high capacity options.

The Genus inverter brand is also gaining in usage, based on good performance record. Contec inverter, another reliable product to consider, is similarly growing in usage. It has been found to deliver on the quality promise and can be trusted for a good user experience. Sukam, Luminous, Contec and Genus inverters in our range are all pure sine wave inverters.

Mercury inverters extend our offering, giving everyone a choice. The modified sine wave models of Mercury inverter - 1200VA and 2400VA - are moderately priced and present a lower-cost option for owning an inverter

Want to get totally independent of public supply and still run no generators? Consider integration solar power component as a charging solar. If you install appropriate configuration of solar panels, you completely put paid to the hassle of power outages. That's 24/7 power supply, with no worries!


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