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Blood Sugar Monitor

Keep a tab on your blood sugar level to minimise the risk of the serious health challenges that high blood sugar level will pose. Monitoring your blood sugar level will help you to track changes and take appropriate measures, including getting required medical care, when necessary.

The Accu-chek range of blood sugar monitoring devices are a great companion is your quest to monitor and manage your blood sugar level. They come relatively affordable and yet offer outstanding performance and reliability. Accu-chek Acitive is the go-to portable blood sugar machine for quick blood sugar measurement. Accu-check Active glucometer is easy to use and highly reliable.

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    Accu-chek Active Kit mg/dl - Blood...


    Accu-chek Active Blood Sugar Monitor

    • Smaller than before, but with a 10% bigger display
    • Easy to use, with only 2 buttons to operate
    • Safe, with alerts for expired strips or underdosing
    • Smart, reports up to 90 days of test results
    • Convenient testing, use strips in or out of the meter
    • Just two buttons are used to operate the meter, for intuitive handling
    • Large and easy-to-read display
    • Post-meal alert reminds you to test 2 hours after eating
    • Pre-meal and post-meal markers are available
    • 500 Test results are stored in memory
    • Fulfills 100 % of the accuracy requirements of DIN EN ISO 15197:2003.1
    • Date and time are preset for faster setup
    • Transfer data from the meter to your PC using a USB cable

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    Accutrend Plus by Roche -...


    Accutrend Plus System: Hand-held point-of-care device for Screening for Cardiovascular risk factors

    • Device for detection of key metabolic parameters: total cholesterol, triglycerides and lactate
    • Tailored to be used outside the lab
    • Fast Cholesterol screening - Result out in 3 minutes
    • Even faster Blood glucose results - out in 12 seconds
    • Additional Test Parameters: Triglycerides & Lactate
    • Reliable, convenient testing with strip technology
    • Easy-to-use, handheld testing meter
    • Portable and easy to take with you
    • Clear, easy-to-read display
    • Onboard QC for Accurate Measurement
    • Out-of-meter dosing
    • Room temperature test strip storage
    • Enhanced memory — Meter stores up to 100 results for each test parameter
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    ACCU-CHEK Softclix Lancets - 200 Pack


    ACCU-CHEK Softclix Lancets in 200 Pack

    • Pack of 200 sterile lancets for blood sugar testing
    • Unique design for accurate penetration and minimal discomfort
    • 28-gauge design for lancets that ensure smoother entry
    • Used with Accu-chek lancing device
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    Accutrend Plus Glucose Strips - Pack...


    Accutrend Plus Glocuse Strips x 25

    • Glucose Test Strip for Accutrend Plus Testing Meter
    • Screening test for Blood Glucose
    • Superior test strips by Roche with highest standards for accuracy
    • Easy to ue test strips even in selt-testing
    • Easily stored at room temperature
    • Code strips with positive strip lot identification
    • High precision and accuracy across the full measuring range
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    Accu-Chek Instant Blood Glucose Meter...


    Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer

    • Blood Glucose testing is easy with Accu-Chek Instant system 
    • Accu-Chek Instant makes understanding your results simple
    • Proven Measurement Accuracy
    • Has target range indicator to help user easily interpret and understand the blood sugar level
    • Accu-Chek Instant has wide dosing area: Apply a blood drop anywhere along the entire width of the yellow edge
    • Guided strip port: A clear path for the test strip to slide into the meter
    • Easy-to-read results: Clearly see results on a large, backlit display
    • Accu-Chek Softclix lancing device: Gentle lancing that's virtually pain free
    • Clean strip disposal: A strip ejector for quick, hygienic removal
    • Set time and date on the meter
    • View 7, 14, 30 and 90 day test averages easily on your meter
    • Proven Accuracy: The Accu Chek Instant system fulfills the ISO 15197:2013/EN ISO 15197:2015 standards
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    Accu-Chek Instant Test Strips for...

    • Test Strip for Accu-Chek Instant Blood Sugar Monitor
    • Pack of 50 Test Strips for Easy Blood Glucose Testing
    • Accu-Chek Instant strips offer a wide dosing area- apply a blood drop anywhere along the width of the yellow edge.
    • The Accu-Chek Instant meter offers a clean strip disposal- a strip ejector for quick, hygienic removal.
    • Accu-Chek Instant test strips only require a very small blood sample to perform a blood glucose test – just 0.6µl of blood.