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Su-vastika Solar

(Formerly Su-Kam Brand Inverters)

If it's said that Su-vastika is about the oldest, leading inverter brand out of India, it can hardly be faulted. That is because Su-vastika is the re-birth of Su-kam, the widely used, highly reputed and exceedingly reliable inverter brand that popularised inverters in India and, of course, Nigeria. Now, the same Su-Kam inverter and inverter battery products come in the new brand name: Su-vastika.

If you want Su-kam inverters or batteries today, you won't get them in Sukam name. But be happy, because you still get to buy the same products, representing the same quality and reliability, now in the new brand name, Su-vastika.

Under the Su-vastika brand, you still get every product option that you knew Su-kam for: the Falcon+ inverter series, the Fusion Eco series, the Colossal series, etc.

We supplied Su-kam to large numbers of Nigerian users, over time. Today, we are pleased to continue to provide you that same range of inverter and battery products, with the same advanced technology and relentless innovation that was the hallmark of Su-kam, but under its new brand name, Su-vastika.



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