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After a numbers of years of presence and active use in the Nigeria market, the Soelix brand of inverters has cut out a niche as one of the reliable inverter brands in the market.

The top performance of Soelix is not really a surprise to anyone familiar with the inverter market in Nigeria. Reason: the Soelix inverter brand comes from the same company that has marketed Su-Kam inverters in Nigeria. With many years in the business and all the experience in managing products and dealing with product issues that can arise, nothing short of a well-designed product, manufactured to high standards and incorporating the best inverter engineering practices, could be expected. Soelix has proven, through its performance and reliability, that a good design job was done.

Soelix inverters come in different capacities to meet the needs of different levels of users. From small 12V inverter range to 24V, 48V and higher, Soelix covers the most used inverter capacities in Nigeria: 1050VA/12V, 1500VA/24V, 2000VA/24V, 3.5kVA/48V, 5kVA/48V, 5kVA/96V, 7.5kVA/120V, 10kVA/120V, 10kVA/180V and going higher. 

Best of all, Soelix inverters are presently sold with 18 months' manufacturer's warranty, about the longest warranty protection on an inverter brand in the Nigerian market (always confirm current warranty offer when you buy). This extended warranty cover is also backed with a full service maintenance workshop that is equiped with experienced technicians and product spares.

With a full basket that covers inverters, SMF batteries and tubular batteries, Soelix offers a full package to meet users' needs.


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