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Eastman Auto & Power Limited (www.eaplworld.com), one of the India’s most trusted power solution brands with a wide range of Battery product line in India and across the globe.

Eastman in-house manufacturing facility (An ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008) is based in India and exporting to various countries in African continent, Middle East & South East Asian region with over 10000 dealers and distributors including India.

We provide Complete Power Backup Solution including Inverters, MPPT+PWM Solar Inverter PCUs, Solar Modules & Tubular Lead Acid /GEL/Vehicle Batteries. /p>

We Provide two types of Battery for Solar/Inverter Applications:

  • Tall Tubular Flooded Battery ( 100 AH, 150 AH & 200 AH)
  • Tubular Gel Sealed Battery ( 100 AH, 150 AH & 200 AH)
  • Inverter ( 600VA  to 10KVA)
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Panels( Mono & Poly Cystalline )
  • Solar Charge Controller( MPPT & PWM)

Eastman Inverters and Batteries

There are no products in this category.


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