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Eastman Auto & Power Limited is one of the India’s most trusted power solution brands with a range of Battery products and inverters across the globe.

Eastman's manufacturing facility is in India from where it exports to various countries in African continent, Middle East & South East Asian region.

Eastman's range of power backup batteries and inverters has beenin Nigeria for several years now. Usage of the Eastman brand continues to expand, bouyed by the reliability of the products. Eastman batteris and inverters are trusted for impressive performance, giving customers value for their money.

The Eastman brand offers the complete range of power backup solutions, covering inverters, MPPT+ and PWM solar charge controllers, Hybrid inverters, solar modules snd batteries (Tubular Lead Acid /GEL/Vehicle Batteries.

Here are products you can enjoy in the Eastman brand:

  • Tall Tubular Flooded Battery (100 AH, 150 AH & 200 AH)
  • Tubular Gel Sealed Battery (100 AH, 150 AH & 200 AH)
  • Inverter ( 600VA  to 10KVA)
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Panels( Mono & Poly Cystalline )
  • Solar Charge Controller( MPPT & PWM)

Eastman Inverters and Batteries


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