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Tubular Batteries for Inverters
Why You Should Use Deep Cycle Tubular Batteries

Most inverter users know that the crunch lies in the management of inverter batteries. Inverter batteries take a huge budget to put together, especially when many batteries are required. After such expenditure, the user naturally expects them to last long enough to give value for the money spent.

That's not always what many users get. Quite often, users are not prepared for battery replacement when the imperative of spending again on batteries hits them. Coughing out a large chunk of money to replace batteries is a major pain, especially if too soon.

The inverter battery replacement burden is worse when the last set of batteries has not done any reasonable length of time. The user feels cheated, especially when the expensive batteries have done only a few months before packing up. Not an experience you want to go through!

So, what if you hedged against that experience and the turmoil that goes with it, by buying batteries that are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy usage and provide extended lifespan? What if you bought inverter batteries that offer the assurance of more years of service and top-notch performance?

If you thought such batteries didn't exist, it will probably be because you haven't been exposed to the outstanding performance of the tubular battery technology. The tall tubular batteries are designed with components and structure that ensure they work outstandingly well and last far longer. When you want batteries that will last like forever, your sure bet is the tubular battery option.

Unlike the sealed, maintenance-free (SMF) batteries which are dry cell, tubular batteries are wet-cell batteries. That is also called flooded battery. Tubular or wet-cell batteries contain liquid electrolyte, unlike dry cell batteries that contain paste electrolyte. They do require occasional maintenance, but that is hardly a cumbersome chore. It only takes infrequent top-up with distilled water, say 3 or 4 times in a year. That gives you the assurance of rugged battery performance and extra durability. That's because tubular batteries suffer minimal sulphation, which is the key battery killer. 

Quick Advantages of Tubular Batteries

Tubular batteries offer these:

  • Long Service Life - Generally up to 1200 cycles at 80% DOD
  • Minimised corrosion/shedding of battery plates & resulting extended durability
  • Excellent performance even in extremes of temperature
  • Low maintenance to due minimal electrolyte loss
  • Faster battery charging
  • Suitable for high cyclic applications
  • Withstands extensive load-shedding
  • Supports heavy duty usage better than SMF

Like with anything in life, all tubular batteries are not created equal. When you want to buy tubular batteries, be sure to go for trusted brands. And to make it pretty easy for you, we have shortlisted the tubular battery brands that we know to have given proven performance - tested and trusted tubular battery brands that you can safely put your money into and be sure of the positive user experience that has been promoted. Choose from the tubular batteries listed below and you are good to go!

If you want to know more about the tubular battery technology and the advantage of tubular batteries for inverter use, follow this link to read our tubular battery information post


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