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Lightning can cause severe damage to a building and appliances within the building. Its damaging impact results from its excessive current levels that could run beyond 400 kA and extreme temperatures it can generate, up to 50,000 degrees, easily causing fires. With high speeds of unimaginable proportion, the damaging effect is unleashed with "lighting speed".

Not ensuring proper lightning protection for your home would be a grave risk. Lightning conductors are an absolute necessity to limit the potential for dmage from lightning. And when it comes to lightning conductors, one nme stands out: Indelec, the wolrd-renowned makers of the Prevectron range of lightning conductors - the best lightning protection money can buy.

Save yourself the agony of catastrophic harm or even the lighter case of extensive damage to household or office equipment as a result of a lightning strike. View lightning solutions that will provide the protection you need.

There are no products in this category.


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