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If you use a computer, you definitely need a security software to protect you computer from viruses and other attacks that users are exposed to. If you use your computer online, as most people do, the risk of malicious attacks heightens, making it more imperative to get protection from trusted security software. Such software can be in the form of antivirus software for basic protection, or more advanced internet security software for stronger protection. Other more comprehensive security software options also exist, each wit its price tag. So, what should you buy? We have selected some of the most powerful and best trusted security software here, for you to choose from. They cover the leading brands and the various levels of protection. From basic antivirus like Norton AntiVirus, Kaspersky AntiVirus, McAfee AntiVirus, etc. To the more advanced internet security software like Norton Internet Security, Kespersky Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security, etc. Total protection is offered by Norton 360 and others in that range.

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    Norton AntiVirus 2014 - 1 PC or 3 PCs


    Norton AntiVirus 2014

    • Provides safety whether you surf, shop or bank online
    • Blocks infected and dangerous downloads
    • Offers Protection against soial media scams
    • Automatic live updates so you're always current
    • Antitvirus, Antispyware, Browser protection & 5 patented layers of protection in one
    • Detects and removes spyware & unwanted monitoring software
    • Blocks Internet worms at the point of entry
    • Faster Scans to keep your PC safe
    • Deep-cleansing tools scour & disinfect your PC
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    Norton™ Internet Security 2014 - 1 PC...


    Norton Internet Security 2014

    • Active protection against viruses, spam, identity theft & social media dangers
    • Ensures online safety when you surf, shop or bank online
    • Alerts about social media scams & suspicious content
    • Blocks infected & dangerous downloads
    • Reduces PC startup time & boosts performance
    • Automatic product downloads & installations of updates to keep protection up to date
    • Built-in Intelligence maximizes battery life
    • Defrag fixes common problems that can slow your computer
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    Norton 360 by Symantec - All-in-One...


    Norton 360 All-in-One Protection

    • Basic antivirus & antispyware protection: blocks spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, bots, worms & rootkits
    • Protects your PC against online threats: hacking attacks, malicious sites & unusual threats
    • Identity Protection: secures your sensitive information, guards you against known & suspected phishing sites
    • Advanced Backup & Restore with secure online storage
    • PC Tuneup: helps your PC to start up faster, run smoothly, avoid crashes
    • All-in-One Protection


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    Kaspersky Anti-Virus - 1 PC


    Kaspersky Anti-Virus - Security Software

    • Essential, real-time protection against the latest malware attacks
    • Uses Karspersky Lab's cloud-assisted technologies to identify new threats within as little as 0.02 seconds
    • You get extremely rapid defense against new malware - latest viruses, spyware and more
    • Works ‘behind the scenes’ so your PC can perform - doesn't slow down system performance
    • Special Gamer Mode lets you enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience
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    Kaspersky Internet Security - 1PC


    Kaspersky Internet Security - 1PC

    • Real-time Protection against Internet threats
    • Special security for online banking & shopping with additional layers of protection
    • Safeguards your privacy and personal information with advanced security technology
    • Dangerous Website Alerts - blocks malicious and phishing websites
    • Webcam Protection
    • Wi-Fi Security Notifications
    • Helps protect your children against online threats
    • Combines superior security & optimized performance
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    Kaspersky Anti-Virus - 3 PCs


    Kaspersky Anti-Virus - License for 3 PCs, 1 Year Subscription

    • Real-time protection from malware attacks
    • Rapid detection of new threats with Karspersky Lab's cloud-assisted technologies
    • Extremely rapid defense against new malware - latest viruses, spyware and more
    • Low impact on system performance so your PC is not slowed down
    • New Simple interface for easy management
    • Special Gamer Mode lets you enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience


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    Kaspersky Internet Security - 3 PCs


    Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi Device

    • Extra security for online shopping & banking - hardened browser for financial transactions
    • Intelligent Firewall to ward off illegitimate access of programs to your PC
    • Protection from phishing attacks
    • Powerful spam-filtering ability
    • Enhanced parental control - protect your kids from inappropriate web content & sexual predators
    • Light - won't slow down your PC
    • New Webcam Protection technology
    • Rapid updates for up-to-the-minute protection


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    McAfee AntiVirus Plus


    McAfee AntiVirus with Firewall Protection

    • Good malware blocking Security software
    • Its SiteAdvisor notifies  you of dangerous websites and even blocks them
    • McAfee AntiVirus marks up links in search and social media
    • Includes intelligent, hassle-free firewall
    • Delivers real-time and scheduled scans of your PC to detect & tackle malware
    • vulnerability scanner checks your PC for missing updates & recommends remedy
    • Offers File shredder and defragmenter to keep your PC clean


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    McAfee Internet Security


    McAfee Internet Security - Complete Virus Protection and Internet Security

    • Protection against Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc
    • Powerful Parental Controls - block inappropriate sites & other controls
    • Privacy & PC Optimization Tools - browse safely & improve PC performance
    • Wi-Fi Protection for safe WiFi connections
    • SiteAdvisor - identifies & highlights dangerous sites & blocks access to them
    • Network Manager
    • Spam & Dangerous Email Filter - clears out dangerous emails & spam
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    avast! Internet Security


    avast! Internet Security - all-inclusive protection

    • Offers all-inclusive protection
    • SafeZone - Secures your data, identity, and sensitive financial transactions
    • Firewall to keep hackers at bay
    • Intelligent antivirus, anti-spyware, & anti-malware - DynaGen-powered
    • Powerful filter to block spam & phishing scams
    • Sandbox - virtual environment to suspect/confirmed heavily infected files safely
    • Windows 8 Compatible


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