Su-Kam Fusion Series 2000VA / 24V Inverter | 2kVA Inverter Running on 2 Batteries


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Su-Kam Fusion Series 2000VA / 24V Inverter (2kVA)

  • Still World's most advanced Inverter using DSP Sine Wave Technology
  • Offer High Load Capability
  • Robust for appliances with high starting current
  • 100% pure sine wave power
  • Superior HCLC (High Cut/Low Cut) technology
  • Automatic Bypass - second line of defense
  • LED Display for status & Fault messages
  • Instant Switch Over & Smart SMPS charger.
  • User selector switch for UPS & W-UPS
  • Sukam Quality, Backed with Decades of Manufacturing Experience

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The new Sukam 2kVa/24V has just come in this November 2017 and this really some good news. That's because users have desired a 2kVA/24V Sukam inverter for so long. Well, it took some time, but Sukam has finally responded with the new Fusion Series Sine i 2kVA (2000VA) 24V capacity, to meet the yearnings of users. With just two batteries to get going, and a sizable 2kVA capacity that easily takes on all the essential load of an average family, the Sukam 2kVA/24V inverter is perfect for most homes.

The Sukam 2.2kVA/36V Fusion inverter, which 2kVA/24V is designed after, has had the burden of three batteries, which some users couldn't afford. Using three batteries has its advantage, but budget considertion was often a stumbling block. But not any more. With just 2 batteries and as much as 2kVA capacity, the new Sukam 2000VA/24V inverter lowers the cost bar, proving further enablement for potential users who find the 1.5kVA / 1.6kVA capacity range of 24V inverters not adequate for the requirement.

The Sukam Fusion Series inverter range, which includes very familiar capacities like the Sukam 3.5kVA/48V and 2.5kVA/48V, has since established itself as the flagship series, sold and used in large numbers. It's all predicated on performance, reliability and durability. The Sukam Fusion Series inverters have a proven track record of dependability, proving, over time, to be worth the user's money. The 2kVA/24V is therefore running on familiar, tested and proven technology.

The Sukam 2kVA/24V inverter requires just two units of 12V batteries to get running. Adding extra batteries is possible, when you can afford it. Still, on just the two batteries, it will meet the basic power requirement of an average home, carefully used. Such requirement will include fans (say 3 pieces), TV, reasonable number of light points (energy-efficient lighting is the wisdom), laptop, and other low-power appliances in the home.

We strongly recommend the tubular battery range to inverter users. They are confirmed to be far more rugged, longer-lasting and far better value for money. They require maintenance quite alright, but truly, that's hardly any work. It's little effort and few and far between. When you relate that to the potential of extra years of battery usage (depending on you usage habits), you will see that tubular batteries stand out in performance advantage. With their resilience, the minor maintenance issue pales off into insignificance.

Whichever battery you decide to use, enjoy the robust 2kVA/24V Sukam Fusion Inverter, perfect for an average home!

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