Eastman 200Ah 12V Tall Tubular Battery for Inverter and Solar Power


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Eastman 200Ah/12V Tall Tubular inverter Battery

  • Thicker Positive Spines for Long Life
  • Ultra Low Maintenance
  • Higher Cycle life
  • Proven cycling and Deep Cycling Capability
  • Faster Charge Acceptance & Higher Charge Efficiency
  • Low Self Discharge
  • Level Indicator for Easy Maintenance
  • Low Water Loss
  • Pure Lead Alloy - Low Antimony Alloy for longer Shelf life Cycle Life
  • Supplied in fille and charged Condition
  • No Acidic fumes - Ecofriendly Agua Trap Vent Plugs
  • High Surface Carbon for Improved Discharge Performance
  • Special Grade Poly Ethylene Low Resistance Separator
  • High porous and oxidation rsistant gauntlet for extra backup and long life

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