200Ah 12V Contec Deep Cycle SMF Battery - Contec DC 12-200


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200Ah 12V Contec Deep Cycle SMF Battery

  • Designed for frequent cyclic Discharge
  • High Cyclic Life Due to Strong Grids and Specially designed Active Material
  • Capacity: 200Ah@10hr-rate to 1.80V per cell @25oC
  • Suitable for inverters, Solar Applications and Marine Use
  • Low Self-discharge - Can be stored for up to 6 months at 25oC
  • Front terminal
  • Approximately 60kg weight

More details

After years of testing and tracking, we are pleaed to associate with the Contec brand and Contec batteries, because they have proven to be of reliable quality, delivering long service life. We offer Contec batteries as one of the quality brands that customers can rely on.

Still, there is a price advantage, as Contec battery is coming at a slightly lower price point. That makes Contec battery is a high value product, translating to money well-spent. With much higher cyclic life than most available batteries, this is one of the battery brands that we are comfortable to offer to customers.

Contec battery currently has a 12-month manufacturer's warranty to back up its quality. That protection ensures you are covered against any issue, though unlikely to occur. The warranty period is just a special protection, but these batteries are expected to do far more. The user should expect to use the battery for far longer than the warranty period, if battery is not misused.

The Contec 200Ah/12V battery is designed for frequent cyclic discharge. It's strong grids and special quality active material with deliver the high cyclic life you expect. this sealed, maintenance-free (SMF) battery is suitable for inverters and solar applications. Weighing approximately 60kg, Contec 200Ah 12V battery is made with high-grade content.

Enjoy low self-discharge with the contec battery. If it has to be left for a few months unused, loss of charge is minimal. Note, though, to properly charge up the battery before re-use.

Should you buy Contec battery? We consider Contec good value for money. It has a good track record of performance and reliability and is one of the battery brands that can withstand the rigours o use in this environment.

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