Flexible (Bendable) Mini USB LED Light for Laptop Keyboard & General Lighting


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Bendable Mini USB LED Lamp for Laptop Keyboard & other Lighting

  • Extra bright LED light
  • Bendable to suit your requirement for best impact
  • Compact, light weight and convenient to take with you
  • Excellent for lighting laptop keyboard
  • Suitable for room lighting too
  • Clear white light for clear vision
  • Plugs to laptop USB port to provide lighting for keyboard and general vision
  • Plugs to power bank's USB port to light up your envirnment
  • Easy plug and play use
  • Choice of colours to suit your taste
  • Low power consumption - 1.2W
  • Low Voltage - 5V

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Simple, lightweight, effective, very afordable and of high utility, the Bendable Mini USB LED Lamp for Laptop Keyboard & other Lighting is one gadget everybody should own! You will definitely find it very useful, especially if your laptop's keyboard is not backlit. If you struggled to work with your laptop because you couldn't see well on your keyboard (there's blackout but your laptop's battery has power), worry no more. The USB LED lamp is the most convenient solution you can have. Simply plug this weightless device into your laptop's USB port and you have the lighting you need. That easy and simple.

Not working with your notebook, but just want to see? Just plug this device to the USB port of your power bank and your room is lit. Again, that easy and simple.

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